Erickson Ranch is a 4th generation family owned and operated cattle ranch located in Hornitos CA on land we own and leased land we maintain.

Our goal is to provide our customers with 100% traceable, 100% natural and 100% quality ranch raised beef.

Ranch Raised means:
- we own our cattle from birth to harvest
- all while providing quality care for a full quality of life for our animals.

We own the ranch. We own the cattle. You own the right to know where your meat comes from.

What are the benefits of Buying in Bulk?
* When purchasing ranch raised beef directly from the rancher you get a freezer full of 100% traceable food to provide for your family.
* The average cost on premium cuts is drastically reduced.
* When you purchase a live animal from us your average beef cost will be so reasonable that when family and friends learn about what you are doing, they will be asking how they can do the same!

We are a first come, first serve business and have a waiting list to which you can request to be added. Shop Now