May 2020

Hornitos Beef Newsletter
May is National Beef Month

Greetings from Hornitos Beef!

May is National Beef Month and it has taken ranchers on quite the roller coaster ride, from a price influx in the grocery stores to the price drop on the live cattle for ranchers.

Often in the darkest of times, light is shed on the just the right places. As the state of our country definitely affects every single American, there is still reason to give thanks.

Here at Hornitos Beef, we have seen a wonderful interest in the consumers wanting to know more about how their food is grown and raised. They also want to know how products make it to the market where they become available for purchase.

The large gap that was growing ever more distant is slowly moving in the right direction. We are so very grateful for each and every customer and friend and family referral. The Ranch to Table and Farm to Table movement is becoming a new norm in the way small and large scale operations are conducting their business.

If you have placed your order and deposit with us this question might not apply to you.

So just what does it take to get a Commercial Beef to the Market?

Cow Calf - Where the Ranchers raises the Cow and Calf for 6-8 months on native pasture. The calf is weaned and sent to the Stocker/ Feeder weighing 500-650 lbs.

Stocker/Feeder - Calves are 9-11 months raised on seasonal grass and grown to 850-900 lbs. From here they can go on to another ranch that has seasonal grass to be sold as grass fed or directly to the feed lot to be custom fed.

100% Grass Fed – For 12-14 months the animal grazes on grass until harvest weight is reached. Grass fed and finished cattle tend to weigh less and yield less meat. Finished cattle comes in around 1000-1100 lbs.

Feed Lot – For 12-14 months the animal is provided with full time care, fresh water, shade and special formulated finishing ration to grow and reach the Harvest weight of 1100-1200 lbs.

From the feed lot, the packer purchases the live cattle at a contracted price. The animal is harvested and made into retail cuts. Stores purchase beef through a representative for the packing plant or from a retail distributor. The product is marked up and sold to the consumer.

Hornitos Beef is connected to the commercial industry as well. We raise cow calves as well as care for and take in feeder cattle during our grass season.

It was in the past year we began seeing and understanding the demand from the consumers wanting to know where and how there food was raised.

Being a Mom, I too am always checking labels and ingredients. I wanted to offer that option with our cattle, so Hornitos Beef was formed. We have spent the last 10 years raising and growing our herd with quality handling practices and management.

Being a farmer or rancher leaves you are at the mercies of Mother Nature and the market. The past several years there has been some corruption in the cattle business as well as many other industries where we as the producers are not seeing a honest price or profit margin for our works.

Unfortunately if you are self-employed the political agendas tend to have lasting effects on your business. We and many other producers stand ready to continue as long as we can to provide quality and safe food and products for your family.

Those that have made the steps towards raising their own cattle with Hornitos Beef can rest easy. We are working closely with our customers butcher shops to insure your beef get to harvest on time.

We still have some whole options available for a July 6th harvest date. Please contact us with any questions.

Thank You and Best Wishes
Tom & Megan Erickson
Hornitos Beef