June 2020

Hornitos Beef Newsletter
Welcome to Summer


Greetings from Hornitos Beef!

Happy Summer! Here at the Ranch we are headed towards the end of June. The Yearlings are all shipped out and on to their Summer Feed, with the majority of them going to Wyoming and Colorado. Here in Hornitos our grass season runs from October to the end of May. When our grass dries up and the hills turn from the rich dense green of spring to the Summer Golden Hills sprinkled with green leaf oak trees, we have a few tasks that tend to occupy our minds. With the grass so dry we have already had some seasonal fires where we had to evacuate cows to safe pasture. It is our top priority to care for our livestock. Our cattle are not only our livelihood they are a part of our family, in the wee hours of the night, freezing and scorching temperatures we have been awakened and called to care for them.

We have had calves in our laundry room on our porch and in our yard. This is a lifestyle we love so much and have enjoyed sharing it with our customers, friends and family. This month we have gotten to meet a couple of our customers that stopped by the ranch for a quick visit and to get a sneak peek at their very own Ranch Raised steer feeding here at the home place. Thank you to each one of you that stopped in and chatted with us, we greatly appreciate you.

We have gotten all our cows and calves weaned and turned out for summer grazing here in hornitos. We will continue to ride through and check on each field for steady water, and salt/ mineral supply.

What's New?

We have been working on getting a storefront up and running where we would be able to offer monthly specials as well as individual sales of our USDA Ranch Raised Beef. We are very excited to be working in this direction, it is our goal to be able to provide our friends and family with reliable, affordable and top quality beef for their families.

We are also working on getting some of our USDA Ranch Raised Beef in the mountain community of Big Creek Ca. If you have not had the pleasure of visiting the Big Creek General Store, you are missing out. It is located between Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake. The region is home to the Big Creek Hydroelectric Project. We are working with the store owner to put a small freezer in their facility to provide the mountain community with some Quality USDA Hornitos Beef.

We have available harvest dates for July and September, if you and your family are thinking about Raising Your own we would love to help you out. Please give us a call to get your deposits in.

May the trail rise up to greet you as you go about your days. Stay Safe and Be the Change you would like to see!

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Tom & Megan Erickson
Hornitos Beef