Beef Purchase Information

The Process of Purchasing a Whole Beef


We will arrange for a Ranch Butcher. The customer pays the harvest charge of $200 per animal. Ranch Butcher will transport your beef to the Custom Butcher. Custom Butcher will call you to obtain Cut and Wrap instructions. All packaging is Vacuum sealed currently at $1.30/per lb., on the hanging weight (HW), price is subject to change. This option is the best value with current prices. The whole process comes out to approximately $8.50/per lbs. of meat in your freezer. The customer owns the animal, and we get a legal brand inspection proving ownership for them. They get to customize cut and wrap and request the hide be processed. We can help customers make arrangement at a tannery located in Turlock California.


Approximate Number of Cuts
These approximations are for 550 lbs. dressed weight beef from a 1,000 lb. animal.
The exact number will vary depending on the size of the animal and the size of the steaks and roasts.
Beef CutsProduct DescriptionWholeHalfQuarter
(including Sirloin, Porterhouse,
T-Bone, Ribeye)
7/8 inch thick, one to a pack,
Weight Varies
(including Chuck, Sirloin Tip and Top Round)
Two - Three Pounds Each23115
Ground Beef
One Pound Package844221
Other Cuts
Cubed Steaks
(thin pressed steaks)
One Pound1052
Boneless Stew
(stewing chunks)
One Pound1052
Weight Varies21Assorted
Short Rib 2.5 inches or Long Rib 6 inches
Two Pounds1052
Special Cuts
Ox Tails
Marrow Bones (round or cut in length)
Whole Tongue
Inquire for availability   


Our Steaks are 7/8 inch thick, but you can specify the thickness.
Thicker Steaks equal fewer Steaks.

Ground Beef:
Our Ground Beef is approximately 85% lean/15% fat

Other Cuts:
These can all be ground and proportions can vary by adding or reducing ground beef.